Please note: it is only possible to cancel per month with the senior flex membership. For all others, the membership year runs from September through August with automatic renewal.

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    One-time monthly
    senior € 360 € 384 12 x € 32
    senior flex nvt € 624 12 x € 52
    day € 210 € 228 12 x € 19
    student € 165 € 180 12 x € 15
    junior 12-18 € 154 € 165 12 x € 13,75
    mini < 12 € 60 nvt nvt
    SJR training (addition) € 45 nvt nvt
    TOP (addition) € 100 € 102 12 x € 8,50

    Membership types and explanation

    At Victoria we love squash. Squash has been played on Victoria Squash courts for over 80 years by young and old at all levels: from recreational players to top athletes.
    Squash is a very dynamic sport and an ideal sport to get and stay in excellent shape. At Victoria you play and experience quality squash in a sporty environment where the family feeling is central.
    You can play squash at Victoria with your own squash partner, in a competition in an internal ladder or as a team in the national SBN competition. It is also possible to train individually or in groups with one of our club trainers.
    Victoria Squash offers top level entertainment. The best players of international level are included in the premier league teams, which guarantees top matches.

    Youth is an important pillar within the club at Victoria Squash. We strive to promote squash through training, tournaments and social activities. Youth players regularly break through to the top of squash in the Netherlands.

    Registration ladder Registration competition

    – Membership starts at the date of the confirmation by the “ledenadministratie” after this registration.
    – Membership starts 1 september and ends 31 of august, no restitution is possible and automatic renewal of the membership.
    – The Flex-membership can be terminated monthly before the 20th of the month.
    – Termination of the membership before 1 juli by email to
    – A new membership after 1 september: membership-fee is pro-rato.
    – Fitness is included
    – Students are obliged to deliver a copy of the registration of their college. Which should be a full-time education.
    – Day membership is only possible from Monday to Friday 09.00 -17.00
    – Top-membership is additional to sponsor the premier division.
    – SJR is additional for players under 18. Grouptraining every saterday from 9.00-11.00h.

    After this registration you do receive an email with the confirmation by the “ledenadministratie” including the login info of the reservation system and the bill. In case of monthly payment we expect the payment before the 10th of every month.

    Privacy declaration
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